Palazzo Pitti + Boboli Gardens. Florence. Italy. 5.7.2017-5.8.2017.

Palazzo Pitti is where the Medicis lived after they left the Palazzo Vecchio. I didn't get to go last time I was in Florence so this was a high priority. 

Palazzo Pitti
Piazza de' Pitti 1
50125 Firenze Italy
+39 055 294883

I especially wanted to see the Boboli Gardens. It was pouring the first day I went so I had to go back the next day when it was sunny. I kept going higher up in the Boboli Gardens and I followed my nose, as I smelled roses. Low and behold, there was a gorgeous rose garden on the very top of it. What a great way to end such an ascent. Since there were amazing clouds and I had a bit of time before the sunset, I stayed up here to rest my aching feet and enjoyed this gorgeous view alongside the roses.

On my way out when the garden was closing, I got to see one of the grottos before I made my way up the other hill to Piazzale Michelangelo to see the sunset over Florence.

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