Venetian treasures. Venice. Italy. 5.9.2017-5.17.2017.

Venice is world famous for their masks for Carnivale. There are many beautiful ones you can buy here. Some shops will even let you pick your own to customize. If not for a lack of wall space for more artwork, I would have gotten myself one or two. Thank goodness for my minimalist sensibilities and my studio apartment. Otherwise, I would have come back with boxes of goodies.

This was my favorite jewelry store in Venice called Gems of Venice. I bought myself a pair of earrings to remember this trip by.

I saw these walking around and thought my friend David would love them.

I saw quite a bit of very interesting cameos along with Venetian jewelry, so I had to take pictures for my friends at Metier.

Note the cat cameos!

Speaking of cats...

And of course, Venetian glass and Murano glass.

I stumbled upon this flea market in Venice that had a lot of treasures. I really wanted one of those vintage Murano glass necklaces.

Squid and fish candy, an inside joke amongst my siblings! I almost bought one to mail it to them.

Chocolates in the shape of everything.

This is one of the famous Venetian book/print makers.

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