Florence. Italy. 5.6.2017-5.9.2017.

Up next on my adventure is again Florence. Although I have been there previously, I was only there a few days, so I decided to break up this trip from Milan to Venice with Florence as it's in the middle anyhow. That way, I get to do all the things I did not get to do last time. I opted for an apartment closer to the heart of everything. This one was literally around the corner from Palazzo Vecchio. It was so convenient to everything! It was also a large one bedroom apartment with a big bathtub. It was really great to be able to soak in a bath every night after walking everywhere. I was walking between 6-11.5 miles daily, so my poor feet really loved the nightly bath. And if you wanted to go to the market and cook at home, this apartment would have everything you'd need and more to do so.


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