Caffè Florian. Venice. Italy. 5.9.2017-5.16.2017.

Caffè Florian was the reason why I ended up in Venice for this adventure; it is also the oldest cafe that has been continuously in operation since 1720. I saw a picture of it and thought: I don't care if I just drank hot chocolate, read and people watched the entire time here; I would be perfectly happy. And I was right. People watching is my favorite sport, and Caffè Florian was amazing people watching. It is also the most expensive cafe I have ever been to as they charge for table service and a music accompaniment fee on top of your bill. I paid 18.50 for my hot chocolate drink. So if you are feeling thrifty, this is definitely not the place for you. I was quite a regular here, especially when my feet were aching. I think I became the Caffè Florian spokesperson the 8 days I was in Venice.

Caffè Florian
Piazza San Marco 57
30124 Venezia Italy

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