Leonardo Drew + Wayne Thiebaud. UC Davis. Davis. California. 2.6.2020.

So funny things tend to happen when I am around, and sometimes magic happens. This was one of those days. I was invited by the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, my alma mater, to go up for a visit and see the art department (my major) and attend a lecture by sculptor Leonardo Drew and have dinner with him and Wayne Thiebaud. Since my work load lightened up a bit, I was able to pop up for the day. Boy was I glad I was able to do this.

For those of you that did not know, I am a conceptual sculptor with an Art Studio degree from UC Davis while studying under all the greats there. That's a part of why I'm so weird. You can see some of my work here:

It was great fun to meet up with my sculpture professor Lucy Puls to get a tour of the current art studio building and to have a catch up with her. Then we headed over to the Jan and Marian Manetti Shrem Museum that got built after I graduated before the Leonardo Drew lecture there. Then we went to dinner and this is where the magic happens. I procured a pencil for Leonardo (a reference to something Wayne Thiebaud said at the lecture during the Q&A) to Dra with. Leonardo informs me that he only draws with ballpoint pens as he does not like the idea of being able to use the eraser as that feels like a cheat. Then I gave Leonardo Drew and Wayne Thiebaud my Sharpies and this is what happened.

This is the final signed piece, which is now my donation to the Shrem Museum instead of my retirement fund.

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