Arashiyama Benkei. Kyoto. Japan. 4.8.2016-4.9.2016.

Kyoto is famous for their ryokans (Japanese inns with onsens), so naturally we had to stay in one on our last night there. I chose Benkei because it's beautiful and they serve you kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner) in your room. I wanted the full Kyoto experience.

Benkei overlooks the Katsura River; this was the view from my room.

This kaiseki meal is easily the most beautiful one I have ever had. And I've had French Laundry when it was the best restaurant in the world, along with top restaurants in Paris. The art form of it was breath taking, so much that it was almost too lovely to eat. The flavors were very delicate; I thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to the loss of natural light, you only get a few shots. It's more important to enjoy the experience than to document it anyhow.

Then we had traditional Japanese breakfast the next morning.

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