Dismaland. Weston-super-Mare. Somerset. England. 9.21.2015.

I tried going to Dismaland on 9.11.2015 when I was in Bath. Online tickets were impossible even with my alarm set. Even with showing up early and standing in line, I would have had to wait 6 hours before I was able to get in, so I gave up and decided to enjoy scenic Bath and Cotswolds instead. Thankfully The Selby Studio got an extra ticket for me while I was in London and we all went together. It is just as abysmally dismal as you can imagine, and much MUCH more. Suffice to say that with Amanda's hazmat orange jacket and The Selby's neon green beanie, we got extra dismal attention.

Marine Parade
BS23 1BE
United Kingdom

The Selby x Dismaland

Image below courtesy of Dismaland.

Image below courtesy of The Selby.

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