The Yew Tree. Highclere. Hampshire. England. 9.9.2015.

Welcome to my third overseas holiday! I decided this year I would go to England and start off in the countryside and then head into London. When I decided this at Tal-Y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe, my friend Deb suggested I watch Downton Abbey. So I did. When I was watching all the behind the scenes for it and learnt it was shot at Highclere Castle. When I looked the castle up, it turned out that the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon goes on summer holiday and they open up their castle for the public. I was going to do my trip end of September for the better English weather, but once I realized the last day Highclere Castle was opened to the public this summer was 9.10.2015, I adjusted my trip accordingly. If you plan on going, do buy your ticket ahead of time, as it does sell out. This is the 17th century pub I stayed at right down the road. It was most charming and very clean and comfortable. They even have a gorgeous outdoor garden for you to enjoy your meals and drinks!

The Yew Tree
Hollington Cross
Highclere, Hampshire
RG20 9SE
United Kingdom
+44 1635 253360

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