Dragon Beaux. San Francisco. California. 1.13.2018 + 1.27.2018.

Dragon Beaux is now my new favorite dim sum restaurant. It's the same owner as Coi Palace in the Bay Area. The reason why they are my new favorite is because they use fresh ingredients instead of frozen ones and it makes a huge difference. It's definitely pricier than my usual Great Eastern. It is also nouveaux Hong Kong style dim sum as well, so you get more of a modern take on traditional dim sum items. I went there twice in January with 2 different groups fo friends and I definitely have a few menu favorites. They also have a great tea selection to go with your dim sum as well! At night they have a traditional Chinese a la cart menu or you can do their hotpot. They even have wagyu!

Dragon Beaux
5700 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121

five guys xiao long bao
crab roe shiu mai
classic shrimp dumpling
xo spinach dumpling
abalone tart
shrimp rice crepe roll 
mongolian beef rice crepe roll
giant clam seafood congee
concubine chicken
classic steamed bbq pork bao
baked charcoal curry chicken bao
baked green tea egg custard bao
chinese broccoli in oyster sauce
classic egg custard tart
red bean sesame ball

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