Heath Ceramics + Tartine Manufactory. San Francisco. California. 2.17.2018.

My friend and I decided to have brunch at Tartine Manufactory to catch up as we both haven't been in a while. They changed the layout. If you want a sit down brunch then you can put your name down for a table and they will text you when they are almost ready. You can also line up at the pastry/ice cream counter to get things to go as well. So while we waited for our table, we went over to Heath Ceramics to check out the newsstand and the store to peruse a lot of wants. Heath Newsstand has a very impressive assortment of magazines and highly curated. I would say the only other place in town with a more impressive magazine selection would be Kinokuniya.

Heath Ceramics
2900 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Tartine Manufactory is alway good. Definitely a spendy brunch, but it was delicious. I also finally got to try my first ice cream pie there. I had been eyeing the matcha one (as I have a great love for all things matcha). One day, matcha ice cream pie, you will be mine.

Tartine Manufactory
595 Alabama St
San Francisco, CA 94110

ca halibut crudo, kiwi, leek, puffed rice, mint & cilantro
bone broth, green onions, aioli, soft boiled egg
grilled cheese, wagon wheel, fontina, roasted squash, country bread
smoked pork flatbread sando, pork loin, gruyere, ham, pickles, mojo aioli, mustard, arugula
ice cream pie: cardamom, lemon curd, roasted pecans, ginger cookie crust 

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