Nighty. 12.2.2012.

The first playlist I ever did was Nighty back in the fall of 2010. I was insomniac for about a month due to 2 very unexpected losses close to me. I did the playlist for me at first as a way to make myself go to sleep. Music has always been a cathartic tool for me to channel my emotions. When the playlist was "done," I decided to share it with friends near and far. The response was very overwhelming. Some people were also experiencing loss of loved ones at the time, and they felt the playlist helped them in some way. Others were just touched by the music. All the songs on there mean something or another to me, or make me feel a certain way, and all very personal. I am actually listening to I Only Have Eyes for You by Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy as I write this. As I am yet again, experiencing another unexpected loss, I thought I'd revisit this playlist for you all. I just updated it on Spotify. Please feel free to check it out. From me to all of you. Again.

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