Hong Kong. 12.3.2017-12.9.2017

Hong Kong looks much different at night than day time. When all the neon comes on, you barely recognize the same streets that you wander in the day.

Vendors drying goods for retail all along the road.

An alley filled with vendors on the sidewalk. This one was filled with Christmas items. Temple Street on the Kowloon side is famous for sidewalk vendors and is filled with cheap consumer goods and knock offs.

You have modern store fronts mixed in with the traditional all over Hong Kong.

On the left you have roast goose. It's a specialty in Hong Kong. A lot of tourists used to buy them right before they fly out. It's a must for when you visit.

A variety of street food.

Here is a typical Chinese dessert. Mine is a Bubur cha cha.There are very few places I can go to get great Chinese desserts in San Francisco. I have to make it myself when I have cravings. Otherwise, I make a trek to Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe, which is named after a part of Hong Kong.

I have no idea what this shellfish is. Just that it's an alien shellfish that ought to come out of my stomach if I were to turn into an alien.

This is my far the most beautifully designed public bathroom I have ever been to, and it's in a mall.

And now I give you the famous Hong Kong neon.

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