Olema Druids Hall + Point Reyes. California. 12.20.2021-12.27.2021.

This has been my 4th time of leaving my 400 square feet apartment since 3.2020. But who's counting? Apparently I am.

In the past I have had Christmas lunch with friends at Sir and Star at Hotel Olema because it's fabulous and then we walk around Inverness or Point Reyes afterwards. This year I actually remembered to call the fine folks at Hotel Olema to see if I can get a room at Druids Hall since I have been wanting to stay there for quite some time. Since I have been stuck in my tiny apartment for almost 2 years, I was glad for their 7 night minimum during the holiday season as a much welcomed and forced time off for myself. I have to say, there is something very inherently relaxing by staying at a place larger than your home. This is my first time doing so solo and I would highly recommend it for you folks who also live in a small space. It was raining heavily so I enjoyed the sound of the rain in front of my fireplace in the cottage often and popped out when I could in between rains to enjoy the scent of nature all a round me. Since I don't have a car and I had a rental for this, it was also very relaxing driving aimlessly all over Point Reyes to get to some of my favorite hikes and looking for mushrooms. While Sir and Star is closed to public dining since the pandemic, they are feeding their guests for breakfast and dinner. 

Note: If you really dislike ants, you may want to check ahead of time to see if that may be an issue at the property you will be staying at first before staying there.

Hotel Olema

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