Hilda and Jesse. San Francisco. California. 12.31.2021.

I had been meaning to check out Hilda and Jesse since they recently opened last year. Hilda and Jesse is upscale brunch all day, and you can even go there Monday night and get breakfast for dinner. I have to say, those pancakes have been on my mind too much since I had them. I am not going to ruined the surprise as to why they are so memorable, but just trust that those will likely be the best pancakes of your life. Not surprising since the chef owners hail from some of the best establishments in the Bay Area. If you are ever in the mood to celebrate with a decadent brunch in a happy space, look no further.

Hilda and Jesse
701 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 93133

pancakes without boundaries
double stack of our buttermilk pancakes
grilled cranberry maple, butter pat

green eggs and ham
encina farms pork roast
nettle soft scramble, grilled ham hock jus

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