Port Costa town wide sale. Port Costa. California. 9.5.2021.

Well hello hello dear readers! Apologies in the delay in new findings, but I have been working on those Peloton Holiday Scrooge commercials for the past months to keep me very occupied. However, I have some very great recommendations for you from the past few months, so at least there is that!

If you have not yet made a visit to Port Costa yet, I would highly recommend you doing so. This time it was in time for their fall town wide yard sale, and I even ended up at artist Clayton Bailey's home for their yard sale. May I recommend you start at the Theatre of Dreams for Wendy Addison's magical space? She transforms her shop each season and it is always filled with magic each time I have gone. You should see it for yourself. If you are hungry, try Dog Willing Pizza or Bull Valley Road House.

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