Red Window. San Francisco. California. 6.12.2022 + 6.22.2022.

My friend and I finally got to seeing Dear San Francisco at Club Fugazi, which I would highly recommend if you haven't already. PS: It's also all ages friendly. Before the show, we got bruch at Red Window to catch up properly. I had been wanting to try this in North Beach as it's so close to me and they have ample outdoor seating in addition to a menu filled with tapas and low proof drinks. I enjoyed it so much for brunch that I decided to go back with another friend for dinner one night. I love the location along with its lively decor and small plate options. Even for us non drinkers, we were very impressed by their inventive low proof alcohol offerings. Be sure to try that out the next time you are heading to North Beach. I loved all my dishes, I would recommend going a little nuts and try everything.

Red Window
500 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

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