12.22.2024-12.24.2024. Proper Santa Monica. Santa Monica. California.

For the end of last year, I had grand hopes of being in another country for the last 2 weeks of the year as we were to have it off work. Alas, the odds were not in my favor as all plane tickets overseas during this time was outrageous and we ended up not getting the 2 weeks off work anyhow due to continued launch at work. Since I had enough credit card points for another domestic flight, I decided to hop down to Southern California to explore Joshua Tree. I have only been to the desert once when I shot at the Kill Bill Chapel in Lancaster. I recall driving to it and thinking I really should spend some time here in the winter time. I have also always wanted to stay at Acido Dorado since it was done ~2011. Why not? When else am I going to do this?

I decided to start off in LA to see some friends before driving to Joshua Tree. I opted for Proper Santa Monica. The Selby calls the lobby the museum of chairs, and I nearly died laughing.

Their restaurants were decent both in the lobby and on the roof by the pool if you are stuck at the hotel.

They also have an award winning Ayurvedic Surya Spa there for those of you looking for the ultimate pampering. This was definitely the most decadent Ayurvedic massage I have ever gotten as it's choreographed with 2 people. For those of you not familiar with Ayurvedic massage, please beware that this is done with oil and you are to leave it on your body and hair for optimal healing. Basically I was flammable for the rest of the day and got whips of oil intermittently. I ended up buying some bath salts to take home from here as I was very sad to not have the time to take a proper bath in that zelliged rose tub.

The Selby came by with his girls and we hung out by the pool and ate all kinds of nibbles. Then the girls had a grand ol' time bouncing on my giant bed and pressing all kinds of buttons on the wall.

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