Amy on SFPD bike with 5 nuns. San Francisco. California. 1.25.2013. Guest.

I don't even want to know the story behind it. But, as a Roman Catholic, I'm proud to see you bonding with my people.
-Chris Buck

We had a model in a black suit and a white shirt when I spotted a group of nuns about to walk by us, and my brain was thinking: that would be such an awesome picture with the black suit! Then as they walked by the model asked them if they will take a picture with him. They said yes! I was losing my mind! France kept saying, "Oh my God!" and I thought, "How blasphemous." So when we showed the rest of the crew at the motorhome later the pictures we took with the nuns they were sad that they didn't get one. At the end of the day as we were wrapping the shoot, I saw one of the other models taking a picture with the nuns at the park. So of course I ran over and asked them if I can please take a picture with them on the cop's motorcycle. As that's the only logical thing to do. Barton later brought it to my attention that I kept saying, "HOLY CRAP! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" while I was getting my pictures taken. Which he thought was blasphemous. Meg tells me the next day that her favorite sound bite was when one of the nuns asked if I were Catholic, I answered, "I used to be!" I was. I went to 2 years of Catholic elementary school in Hong Kong where they used corporal punishment. Then Deb brought it to my attention that I took a picture with nuns doing the devil horns. I was actually thinking rock 'n roll. Hm.

Image below courtesy of Barton Bronstein.

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