Finding Vol 1: The Renaissance of Angelo Garro. Stable Cafe. San Francisco. California. 3.28.2014.

I met Angelo through The Selby for Edible Selby. I was at The Forge for Chez Panisse 40, and I wanted to stay. Angelo is known as the foraging forger. He made his own salts and everyone, including Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Werner Herzog, and many other great chefs has been borrowing from his stash for many years. Finally, Omnivore Salt is available to the public. It just happens that my friend Laurie Frankel shot his images and decided to have a dinner party. Thank you all for having me over for such a wonderful night!

Artisan Cheeses: A selection of European cheeses
Angelo's Foraged Salad: Blood orange, cucumber, fennel, shallots with a dash of Omnivore salt
Gnocchi Made With Love: Choice of bolognese with pork & beef sauce or Angelo's almond pesto sauce
Chocolate Fondue: Hazelnut chocolate fondue served with berries, pineapple, marshmallows, and rosemary poundcake
Ol Sciur raw goat's milk blue cheese from Lombardy, Italy

Voiceover: Werner Herzog
Editing: Werner Herzog and Marco Capalbo
Camera Work: Nathan Dalton

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