Tsukiji. Ginza. Tokyo. Japan. 11.15.2018.

Uli almost did not go to Tsukiji, but I insisted that even after they have moved the fish market it is still one of the biggest food wonders of the world. Therefore he relented and was happy we went. Since the new fish market just got moved a month ago, I decided not to go this time around. Another pro travel tip: checking out local farmer's market is a great way to see what local produce and goods they have and is a great place to buy food souvenirs.


Then we had a decadent sushi lunch at one of the Sushi Zanmai's in the market. I love the seared toro and the uni here. As you an imagine, it's exceptionally fresh.

Then we bought a stick of warabi mochi.

Then we each bought some daifuku from the best daifuku vendor I have ever had from the last time I came to Japan.

Then I gave Uli some great Olsen Twin. Long flowing hair. Long boho dress. Vacant stare.

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