Daizawa/Shimokitazawa. Tokyo. Japan. 11.11.2018-11.16.2018.

Welcome to my second Japanese holiday! It was extremely difficult to not go again for hanami (cherry blossom festival). I forced myself to go for fall foliage instead. Thanksgiving is a great time for international travel, as most Americans are state side and it's low season in most places. Fall foliage is high season for Japan however. Foliage is most vibrant between mid November and mid December. The colder it gets, the more colors it will be before all the leaves fall off for winter.

Pro tip for traveling: always have plenty of cash in local currency. Most authentic places are cash only in most of the world.

My friend Uli and I opted to stay in an Airbnb in Daizawa this time. It was a very convenient neighborhood with tons of restaurants and shops (including vintage shopping) around. It is also very near the Shimokitazawa train station. Our apartment was very sparse and clean, which is more than fine for when you are mostly exploring the city and coming back to shower and sleep.

I am so curious as to what the inside of this house looks like.

This work coat Uli tried on was over 100 years old. I really wanted him to buy it, but the price tag was prohibitive...

My first meal upon arrival was at Baisou Udon near our apartment. I loved how simple it was. Often times, the simplest meals are the most enjoyable. Especially after a lengthy journey.


〒155-0031 東京都 世田谷区北沢2丁目9−2 辻ビル 1F

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