Gion. Kyoto. Japan. 11.16.2018-11.21.2018.

I fell in love with Kyoto last time I went. Sure, it was the during the peak of the cherry blossoms, but it was its tradition and nature that really appealed to me. I also have a deep love for matcha for quite some time as well. So all of the above means I must have been from Kyoto in another life. Last time I stayed in Arashiyama for the entire duration. This time, we stayed near Gion and moved over to Arashiyama for our last night in an exquisite ryokan (Japanese inn). I did not get to explore Gion too much last time around, so I decided that I would really like to dive into Gion this time. Gion is Kyoto's old town and filled with history. Matcha cafe were plenty abundant. There were streets where every other store front was a matcha cafe. I am ok with that!

Here is our street as we arrived at dusk. We stayed at another Airbnb that was perfectly acceptable. Fairly sparse for sleeping and bathing while we roamed around during the day.

I wandered into the MOMA store and saw a lot of Yahoo Kusama products. This was so brilliant!

Then we walked down the street to Yasaka Shrine.

Then I tried to phone home.

I really wish I had enough time to go back to this museum during the day to meet this person. I shall return!

I even saw a total of 9 maikos (geikos/geishas in training) this time in Kyoto. It's incredibly rare to see an anctual geiko, so it's very likely that they were all maikos.

This was a super great cafe near our place for a morning fuel up before our day.

This candy maker is right across from our place. Kyoto is where you want to buy all of your traditional Japanese souvenirs, and most are hand made.

A shrine nearby. I love how there are so many shrines all over Japan for you to pay your respect or to rest where ever you go. Often filled with great greenery for you to enjoy.

More Kyoto artisanal goods. It was very difficult to not buy those super kawaii cookies. But there was no way they will come back in one piece. So I opted for the cat cookies in a box instead.

This group was drawing in that alley all day and I passed by them several times.

I was able to actually capture this maiko (geisha in training) on her way to a performance! People keep asking me if geikos (geishas) are courtesans, and the answer is no. Geikos are highly trained entertainers in the art of dance and song and wit. That question is equivalent to asking the prima donna in an opera or the prima ballerina if she is a prostitute, and it's highly offensive. Memoirs of a Geisha is a work of fiction by a Caucasian male.

More well put together every day outfits. Really Californians, is it really that hard? Because I see amazing outfits all over the world.

I walked by this kimono maker one evening and saw her working.

Neko (cat) and Hachikō.

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