Kimono rental. Yumeyakata. Kyoto. Japan. 11.19.2018.

I rent a kimono last time I was in Kyoto and I was very envious of everyone that wore one roaming around town. This time, I opted for a premium kimono plan with a photoshoot for this occasion. Yumeyakata is one of the biggest kimono rental houses in Kyoto with 5 stories for all your kimono needs. You will need to make a reservation for a time slot. I opted for a premium kimono with hair styling and a studio shoot. You can also have a make up session if you'd like. There are many layers to a kimono that you choose for the ensemble after you pick out your kimono.

Let me warn you that wearing a kimono is wearing a torture device. I was unable to breathe for the first hour and now I know how Keira Knightley feels being dressed in all the period pieces. In fact, when I was getting dressed in the kimono (which took well over an hour), the woman was breaking out in sweat from tying all the knots. Now I know first hand why kimonos would never come undone and why you must take tiny steps if you are wearing one. Be forewarned of major discomfort if you are going to rent a kimono for a day.

〒600-8104 Kyoto Prefecture

Then I went back to do a studio shoot before I returned the kimono. I also hired a photographer to shoot me around Gion during the day. I will post those when I have the final retouched images. It was very difficult to make the final selects because he shot so many amazing ones. Which is a great problem to have for someone as fussy as me when it comes to photography.

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