Ginza. Tokyo. Japan. 11.14.2018.

Uli was sick so I spent this day exploring Ginza by myself. I was very curious about omurice, so I wanted to check it out in Ginza, the origins of Japanese/western food at cafes. Hilariously, I was the one who told Ozaki-san (one of the biggest book publishers in Tokyo, and basically any big cookbook as well) that omurice is not western and is in fact Japanese the night before.

Kissa You

〒104-0061 Tokyo
Chūō, Ginza
4 Chome−13−17 高野ビル

Kissa You has a tiny menu (mostly omurice and drinks) and does not have anything in English. I speak a tiny bit of Japanese and am very knowledgeable on Japanese traditions for very local places to allow me in and serve me. As you can see, omurice is omelette over rice with ketchup on top, as it sounds. And it was the fluffiest omelette I have had in quite some time. So if you are interested in Japanese/western cafe food, Ginza is where you will find the originators of them. Good local places tend to have long lines and only with the Japanese. However, most places tend to move quickly as a lot of cafes and restaurants for lunch are made for fast turnaround and not meant for people to "hang out" after their meal. So please be mindful of that and make yourselves scarce quickly after your meal so someone else can have your table. 

Ozaki-san was telling me about the bookstore on the 6th floor of Ginza Six, so I walked on over to check it out for myself. It turned out to be T-Site that I am obsessed with. It had a most impressive book, art book, magazine, and katana (samurai sword) collection. I am also sure you can buy a katana, and the most beautiful art book of katanas as a souvenir.  It was easy to spend a small fortune there and have to buy myself another suitcase for all the books and magazines I wanted. It is named one of the world's best art book store and I can easily see why. It also had a display of Osamu Watanabe's artwork, made entirely of candy. 

Ginza Tsutaya Book Store
〒104-0061 Tokyo

After the most obscene display of self control at T-Site, I walked over to Cafe de L'ambre to recharge and rest my feet before I walked across town back to Daizawa. I am generally put off by too many westerners while I am at a non western country. However, I let it pass for Cafe de L'ambre as it is a famed coffee house and any entering would have to be a coffee fanatic. It's been opened since 1948 and looks the same as it did. They roast their own beans, but you can also order specialty single origins that they meticulously curate. Enjoy. 

Cafe de L'ambre

8 Chome-10-15 Ginza
Tokyo 104-0061

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