The Blind Donkey. Tokyo. Japan. 11.13.2018.

Last time I was in Tokyo, I went to Jiro with Ozaki-san and Yacco-san. This time around, we were joined also by Fujiki-san (Beams Gallery) and went to The Blind Donkey. Jérôme Waag is a Chez Panisse alum and Shin Harakawa was the owner of Beard in Meguro, and these two are behind The Blind Donkey. While we do farm to table pretty regularly in California, this concept is not practiced globally. So I can see why this is blowing a lot of minds in Tokyo. Jérôme & Shin sources their ingredients from natural, sustainable and humane providers from all over Japan for their restaurant. You can make a reservation to have the tasting menu like we did for ¥8000, or you can sit at the bar for the a la carte menu.

The Blind Donkey
3 Chome-17-4 Uchikanda
Chiyoda, Tokyo

winter squash tart with chicories
yellowtail with daikon and green tomato salsa
ricotta and wasabina ravioli with walnut cream
grilled pork loin with persimmon mustard
pavlova with sweet potato ice cream

Ozaki-san (right) gifted me Edible Selby in Japanese. It's always fun to see one of your projects translated. It also translates to Oishii (Delicious) Selby. Naturally, I texted Todd (Selby-san) this picture immediately. This book is also smaller than our original hardcover for smaller Japanese homes!

And here was one of my favorite moments from this entire trip. Uli has a tattoo of David Bowie on his right arm there. We showed Yacco-san (left) that as she was David Bowie's stylist and the woman behind Ziggy Stardust. It was such a happy moment. Spaceman lives on.

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