Shinjuku. Tokyo. Japan. 11.15.2018.

If you are into fashion, Beams is a must in Japan. However, Beams Japan is the one that is even more highly curated with Japanese brands in Shinjuku. Since we were going to go out of Tokyo with a bang with drinks at the Robot Restauarant in Shinjuku anyhow, we were roaming around Shinjuku with the sole purpose of checking out Beams Japan. Also because I just had dinner with the curator of Beams at The Blind Donkey.

Beams Japan

B1F - 5F
3-32-6 Shinjuku
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

I had to try on the Ziploc collaboration.

These 2 guys were the best dressed guys I saw in Tokyo and beyond. While Uli was waiting to check out we were both dying to see their shirts so we can see their entire outfits. Just wow. I almost followed them outside when they had cigarettes so I can see their tops. Perfection.

After all the people watching at Beams, we ended up at the basement of Shinjuku Isetan, filled with fantastic food gifts and shops. We ended up at Toraya Karyo since I wanted wagashi (persimmon) so we can refuel and rest our feet. Uli ended up getting an anmitsu. I really enjoy Japanese sweets as they are not too sweet, and often time just a small piece.

Toraya Karyo
Isetan Shinjuku
3 Chome-14-1
Shinjuku, Tokyo

After our pickle up break we decided to sit at the park near by before we head out to the Robot Restaurant. One of the many things I love about Japan is its great love of nature. It's apparent even in a super urban city like Tokyo, where it's filled with greenery and parks.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
11 Naitomachi
Tokyo 160-0014

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