Gion Kitagawahanbee/Zipangu. Kyoto. Japan. 11.17.2018-11.18.2018.

Some places are so great that I go back multiple times for a more thorough review and for me to try different items on the menu. Gion Kitagawahanbee/Zipangu was one of those places. In fact, I wanted to go back for a third time to try their soft cream. They do not take reservations and you can only show up for a table while in line and come back at your designated time, not for a later time.  The first time we went, the matcha set was sold out; therefore I had to go back to try that for myself at an earlier time of day.  So Uli and I both got the tea and sweets pairing - he the cold, I the hot. We both went back the next day to try the matcha set. It is a little on the spendy side, but it was well worth it. If I lived in Kyoto, you would find me here often in this beautiful space. It is their exceptional attention to details (as most things Japanese in nature are) that really caught my eye, alongside its perfect creations and tea pairings. They also do cocktails in the evenings.

Gion Kitagawahanbee/Zipangu
570−188 Gionmachi Minamigawa,
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074

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