Pumpkin Forever. Yayoi Kusama. Forever Museum of Contemporary Art. Kyoto. Japan. 11.18.2018.

I was extremely fortunate to see this show in Kyoto of all places. The museum itself was a traditional Japanese theatre, and it was incredible to see this body of work by Yayoi Kusama (most of which I have not seen before in this beautiful setting). When I met up with some friends who were also in Kyoto for a matcha parfait, I insisted that they need to see this show. I don't typically take too many pictures of artworks as I feel that they are best experienced in person, also photos were mostly forbidden for this show. 

Pumpkin Forever
Yayoi Kusama
Forever Museum of Contemporary Art
570−2 Gionmachi Minamigawa
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074

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