Katsukura. Kyoto. Japan. 11.16.2018.

By the time we were leaving Tokyo, we were so full that we lost a bit of interest in checking out even more food. So by the time we arrived in Kyoto we both decided we had to try some amazing katsu (fried pork cutlet). We ended up at Katsukura. You have to grind your own sesame for the sauce to dip your cats in. There were a few varieties of pork to choose from, and I opted for the classic to review. It did not disappoint. Another simple limited menu done to perfection. That is Japanese perfection for you, which I really admire and strive toward myself. I liked the spicy sauce very much, and it was not very spicy.

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto
Shimogyo Ward 
烏丸通塩小路下る東塩小路町901 京都駅ビル 
The Cube 11F

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