10.24.2019. Estela. New York. New York.

I have not seen Ignacio since the Edible Selby dinner where he fed me an empanada. Although, he did make it into my first Live In Levi's film. The funny thing is, he had just received his first Michelin star qhwn I had dinner there. I was supposed to go there last summer, but my Justin Timberlake shoot got moved to Paris last minute instead. Ignacio loves hiding food in layers. I also love the way he does the juices for each dish. It's quite nice to have light juices with flavors to enhance each dish rather than them being slathered in thick sauces. My favorite was the squid ink rice.

Sorry for the crap and lack of pictures. It was dark and I really hate using the flash. It's more important to me in being a great dinner guest and for good ambiance than taking great pictures and being a pest.

At the end of dinner, I got a text from Ayumi who was at the Food Film Festival and she told me that our film Black Sesame won the Food Porn Award. You may now call us food porn stars.

47 E Houston St
New York, NY 10012

Beef tartare, elderberries, and sunchoke
Endive, walnuts, anchovy, and ubriaco rosso
Fried arroz negro with squid and romesco
Lamb ribs with charmoula and honey
Ricotta dumplings, mushrooms, and pecorino sardo

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