10.26.2019. Manon. Metropolitan Opera. New York. New York.

My friend Laura found out she will be debuting at The Met for Manon early this year, naturally I had to go and see her in all her glory. Also, I had no been to New York in a hot minute and I had every intention of eating my way across town and seeing everyone. Despite the fact that this turned into a work trip, I still did some serious damage to my stomach and saw a bit of people. This was my first time going to an opera at The Met. We went on the closing day and they also broadcasted it on HD. The sets were stunning. The singing phenomenal. Laura was extremely charming as Javotte. Manon is a not a likable character. CONGRATULATIONS LAURA!!! Look, I left Soho.

Metropolitan Opera House
30 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

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