Edible Selby Dinner. Camino. Oakland. California. 10.24.2012.

Third Edible Selby dinner this week. One more to go. This week is quite a marathon. Then the cleanse begins. It was so nice to see so many friends all cooking in Russ' kitchen! The entire kitchen of Camino was literally lined with chefs from end to end. For those of you that have been to Camino would understand how big this space actually is. The only other time when I have seen that many great chefs in one kitchen was at Staffan's birthday party. I have to say that this event was extra special and definitely the biggest of all the Edible Selby events world wide. Allison did such an amazing job organizing this and Camino looked just absolutely stunning. Please note that Kirk Lombard broke the record for the most monkey-faced eels caught the day before with a total of 22, which makes Russ the holder for the most monkey-faced eels ever cooked for a meal! My biggest congratulations to Todd!

Sylvan (Peko Peko): Raw fish salad
Ignacio (formerly of Isa and Il Buco): Fuyu persimmons with fennel, buttermilk & seeds
Nick & Cortney (Bar Tartine): Whole roasted eggplant with yogurt, sprouted lentils, cherry molasses & hazelnuts
Russ (Camino): Grilled monkey-faced eel stew with pickled cayenne
Eric (Hartwood): Hoja Santa-braised short ribs with bean purée & canela pickled onions
Chad & Liz (Tartine): Wood oven-baked apple with red wine honey, buckwheat sable, yogurt meringue & wild fennel
Claire (Violet Cakes): Mini chocolate-spelt cakes with sea salt caramel icing

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