Edible Selby Dinner. Bar Jules. San Francisco. California. 10.23.2012

This was my second Edible Selby dinner this week. Sorry for not having documented any pictures at the first one at Bar Tartine Monday night. Sometimes it's more important to be present and catch up with friends rather than being trigger happy with your phone. I had a ladies' night out and my friend Sylvan at Peko Peko did the food for this evening. It was very amazing. I even made Todd a pumpkin cheesecake as it was his birthday earlier this month. Big thanks for Jessica for hosting such an amazing event! Great time was had by all. And Claire, you made my year!

More beautiful pictures from this event by my friend Julia here: http://www.dinnerswithfriends.com/2012/10/edible-selby-book-party-with-peko-peko.html

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