7.9.2019. Barcelona. Spain.

I took the train from Barcelona to Toulouse and I flew back to Barcelona from Toulouse. Since I was not yet back on planet earth, I was not as typically prepared as I normally am when traveling with carry on. Since the flight was fully booked, they made everyone check all luggage, even those small enough to be carried on. Thankfully, I still had my wits and I grabbed my laptop and camera out before checking my luggage. However, upon arrival in Barcelona, both my luggages were delayed. I literally only had my purse, phone, laptop and camera. Thankfully, I was able to call my optometrist due to the time difference and went to get contacts before the shops closed so I would have vision the next day. I hand washed all my clothes and prayed that my luggages would arrive the next day. Thankfully, they both did. I have to say; however, it was extremely freeing to have close to nothing while traveling. This would be a lesson in making sure you have your absolute necessities on you when you travel.

After the château, I opted for my own penthouse apartment in the gothic quarters with my own rooftop terrace. I was quite smitten with the apartment and the building's architectural details.

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