7.5.2019-7.9.2019. Château de Gudanes. Day 4. Château-Verdun. France.

On our last day at the château it rained and it was lovely waking up to the sound of the rain and fog over the Pyrenees with cooler weather. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and there was so much laughter. We laughed until we cried, then we laughed some more. So much gratitude to Château de Gudanes and its staff for this once in a lifetime experience. I wish you so much more magic to come!

If any of you have contacts at high end retail (Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Barney's, etc.) please email me at: amy@virtuallynonexistent.com. Château de Gudanes would love to have their book stocked at high end retail and all the profits will go to its renovations, which will be a lifelong project. Thank you in advance for any leads!

I miss dearly my room with a renaissance fresco and view of the Pyrenees and the sound of the river.

The front porch of Eden. A recreation.

Et adieu! And now a tale of delayed luggage and back to Barcelona...

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