7.4.2019-7.5.2019. Toulouse. France.

Before arriving at Château de Gudanes, I was in Toulouse before the pilgrimage. I spent the night at Grand Hôtel de l'Opéra as there was a walking marathon happening in town so I was unable to get to my original hotel across the bridge. It was very reasonably priced and very comfortable. The room also had a bathtub for me to soak in after walking 20 minutes from the train station in 99° heat that day.

Grand Hôtel de l'Opéra
1 Place du Capitole
31000 Toulouse, France
+33 5 61 21 82 66

The next morning, we roamed around Toulouse before arriving at the château, which included a church, produce market, one of the best cheese shops (where I got goat milk liqueur) and a local flea market filled with large mirrors I coveted. Don't worry, I did not buy all the creepy dolls at the flea market and brought them back. There were plenty and the temptation was there...

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