7.5.2019-7.9.2019. Château de Gudanes. Day 3. Château-Verdun. France.

Bruce (dog) would come and sit down with me on the front porch for my breakfast and coffee while Claude (cat) would come by to say hi.

Then we took a day trip to Mirepoix (next post).

Upon our return from Mirepoix, I took a nice break while the girls made madeleines.

Jasmine gave us a history lesson.

Here is wax from the French Revolution that held the ribbons that sealed the rooms.

"A" is for Amy.

Height chart from previous occupants of the château.

The medieval kitchen in the basement.

Then I helped make some floral garnishments for dessert.

The last supper.

Then it was time for a walk to make some room for dessert. Where Claude and Bruce played in the field. It was adorable seeing them together.

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