7.4.2019. Rilke. Barcelona. Spain.

Before heading over to Toulouse, I decided to have a nice decadent lunch at Rilke. Hilariously, I was the only person having a nice lunch that day at the restaurant. Naturally, I opted for the tasting menu. It was an exceptional meal. My favorite was the pork, and it was also the most interesting. The olive oil they served with the bread was also one of the better ones I've ever had in my life.

Carrer de Mallorca, 275
08008 Barcelona, Spain
+34 937 64 89 52

trout tartare and mushroom cream
poached truffled egg, parmentier and meat broth
red tuna "Balfegó", pumpkin "squat" and cardamom
charcoal Iberian pork shoulder blade, carrots and toasted coffee
lemon and mint cream
cheesecake with ratafia

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