Nightbird. San Francisco. California. 12.23.2017.

For my older brother Ted's birthday, my brother Phil and I decided to take him to Nightbird for dinner. Ted and I have never been, and it's too long of a meal for us to do before the opera. They did A Christmas Story themed tasting menu, which I found very inventive. However, for this price point ($220/head and we each only had a ginger beer and Ted had a coffee), the service was very subpar at best. There are so many amazing meals you can get in San Francisco that we both found this to be unacceptable. Which is a real shame because the food was actually quite good.


330 Gough St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Auh Meatloaf?!?!
Mashed Potatoes "show me how the piggies eat"
Crab Rangoon
Truffle addition (shared)
Chinese Turkey
Persimmon Pudding
Oh Fudge
Drink Your Ovaltine!

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