Paris Day 5. Le Chateaubriand. Paris. France. 9.17.2013.

When Sean O'Toole, David Prior, and The Selby all tell you to go somewhere to eat, you go. So I went. That was probably the best bottle of white wine I have ever had. Big thanks to Thomas for making my reservation and Lisa for joining!

Le Chateaubriand
129 Avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris

Fanny Sabre Savigny-Les-Beaunne 2010

Amuse bouche
Bonite, haricots, pimento ancho
Cabillaud, sauge, beurre de câpres
Ris de veau, oignons de Sicile, tournesol
Avocat, oseille
Tocino del cielo

Bite-sized hors d'œuvre
Skipjack tuna, beans, pimento ancho
Cod, sage butter, capers
Sweetbreads, onion of Sicily, sunflower
Avocado ice cream, sorrel
Tocino del cielo

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