Paris Day 1. Paris. France. 9.13.2013.

Welcome to my first holiday ever. 8 full days in Paris. My biggest thanks to Jasmine and Mathieu, as this trip would not have been at all possible without their generosity. Thank you also to David, Marie-Anne, Megan, Ben, Inome, Todd, Thomas, Tracey, Lisa and everyone else who sent me their maps and recommendations and for all the tips!

It was rainy for a bit of the trip, but I love clouds and beautiful sunsets with ominous clouds, so it really worked in my favor. You will see for yourself in the pictures for the next few days. We were in a cab on the way to Chez Moustache for dinner. The pictures came out too dark, hence the lack of them.

Chez Moustache
4 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris

Pea: ravioles de petits pais, huile de noisette au café, poêlé de shitake
Canard de challans: magret entier rôti sur le coffre, cuisses confites en Parmentier, foie gras poêlé, réduction de jus de canard au poivres de Sarawak

Pea: ravioli small thick oil, hazelnut coffee, fried shitake
Canard de challans: whole roast duck on the chest, thighs candied Parmentier, foie gras, duck jus reduction in Sarawak pepper

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  1. I love your photo. it was like abstract art at first and then I started deciphering familiar elements and I was brought back to Paris in the fall. Not nostalgic about it though. 24 years spent looking through Parisian windows at the rain drops have converted me for life to the California lifestyle.