Guerneville + Forestville. California. 10.18.2020.

On Sunday we went to Guerneville to grab lunch and hike Armstrong Woods. We stopped by Big Bottom Market to get sandwiches. My friend Bob owns the Guerneville Bank Club and I poked through the window to get a look inside finally. Sadly it was high fire warning so we had to skip the hiking. So instead we went to Andrea's vineyard and did a walk around there.

All the grapes on Andrea's vineyard were destroyed this year due to all the smoke from the fires. 

We met Harvey, nicknamed Fabio due to his blonde mane. And I found my new sound system.

We also stopped by Lynn's art studio across the street.

Hilariously, Andrea's vineyard is right next to Kistler's where we were to dine at for the SingleThread Farms dinner.

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