Dockers FH2009. San Francisco. California. 3.3.2009 - 3.6.2009.

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Brookes on this shoot. This was a funny shoot. I remember being in the car getting back to the hotel after a day of shooting sitting between Will and Arthur. I forgot what we were talking about (probably about how Will is going to work out right after), but Will started doing butt crunches and I had frowned. Then one of them said to me, "Amy, a lot of people would pay a lot of money to be where you are sitting right now." Then both of them said simultaneously, "Mostly gay men." Ha. On the last day of shooting, a Saturday, we had made a newspaper stand on the Embarcadero. All the people walking by, especially the tourists kept coming by to buy newspapers and magazines, and we had to keep telling them these are our props for our photo shoot. After shooting on Muni trains for a week straight, I never wanted to take them around town ever again, especially the F train. These were shot by my iPhone 3. I also dropped it a bunch of times and it would randomly either go into the Matrix (where all the pictures come out all green like it's in the Matrix) or has weird random effects on it like the one below in yellow.

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