Brunch. Bar Agricole. San Francisco. California. 4.22.2012.

I had to have burrata as I've been thinking about it a lot this week. So of course we had to have brunch at Bar Agricole, where Brandon had to make us a special burrata dish. We also learned that Diego thought we were talking too much, and Parker is becoming quite a fashionista. I highly recommend going to Bar Agricole for brunch, which is only on Sundays.

People have been bugging me about doing a blog with all my food recommendations. It is now integrated into this blog. You can always filter by the "food" label. I hope you are satisfied now Marie-Anne! You can always just ask me too.


  1. very satisfied! Thanks! but i am still waiting for a platform where we could cross reference your info and allows us to input "date/hot girl/chinese/$$" = Amy's perfect recommendation for the night.