Giant donuts. San Francisco. California. 7.9.2011.

So before Washed Out my friend and I took a stroll up Polk Street after dinner. We saw these giant donuts at Bob's Donut. Those donuts to the right of the 2 giant ones are normal sized donuts. If you have ever eaten one, or know some one that has, will you please let me know what that was like?


  1. I had one last year -- giant maple at Bob's -- it was great! only problem was i stumbled into it after i had already had coffee and couple of cookies but still managed to eat it all --love my donuts! not the best donut but something about it being that huge made it better. Try it sometime! i found your blog because i'm trying to find other giant food to try tomorrow in fact! if you know any hit up my blog at http://metabolicmemory.wordpress.com/

  2. I love that you had one, after so much caffeine and sugar too! But I am most interested in what happened after you ate that giant donut. I will definitely let you know if I stumble upon other giant foods.