Dirty Vegas Vs. Wilson Phillips vs. Me. The Independent. San Francisco. California. 7.15.2011.

This tradition began last December when my friend Todd and I were on a shoot together and he summoned me to get onto the small set to serenade the talent so he can feel more relaxed. I sang the first song that came into my head, Hold On by Wilson Phillips. I sang well that time, and Todd was my back up singer. Brian, the talent was laughing. Success. Ever since then I have been daring all musicians I have been encountering backstage to cover Wilson Phillips. No one has manned up, until Steve Smith of Dirty Vegas accepted my challenge last Friday when he came by my office to do an acoustic set with the boys. He was not familiar with the song, and I had printed out lyrics for both of us. We looked up the tabs and practiced for a minute before we decided to just dive "into the deep end." Much to my triumph, the first verse was utter bollocks. The chorus came out fine though. Hysterical. Historical. There is evidence of this somewhere...

I lost my phone in a cab after the show Friday night, so these are the only images I was able to recover from 2 friends I texted who couldn't make the show. So I have lost all the behind the scenes images. If you found an iPhone 4 with a wooden case with "amy yvonne yu" engraved on it, will you please let me know?

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