Waking up in Bladerunner. San Francisco. California. 9.9.2020.

Last Wednesday I woke up to my alarm at my usual 7:40AM. It was very disorienting as there was an orange glow permeating through the blinds. Upon opening the blinds, I realized it was entirely orange outside.

I felt like K waking up in his apartment in Bladerunner 2049. It was also very disorienting as the orange lingered and I had to turn on the lights during the day due to the darkened skies. Day felt like night with an eerie orange glow.

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10:45AM. San Francisco. 9.9.2020.

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It was around 11AM that it got even darker and that was when I decided I need to go outside and walk a block to capture this below as I will likely and hopefully never see this again in my lifetime despite the terrible air quality.

Friends of mine from elsewhere thought I Photoshopped the orange into these photos. It wasn't until they saw Obama's post of images in the SF Chronicle that they then realized that I in fact did not and sent me messages from all over.

Climate change is real. How are you being more green? Please vote to elect officials in that will work toward preserving our world rather than personal interests.

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