Sunflowers. Woodland. California. 7.17.2017.

I have never been to a sunflower field in my life. When I looked it up to see where there are some in Northern California, it just happened that they were in full bloom when I looked it up. Ironically, this is about 10 miles away from UC Davis where I went to college for 5 years, where I would drive around at sunset with my SLR shooting film. Erika and I were the only ones there in this field and it was one of my favorite experiences in a field ever. There were no noises except for the water pumped in for irrigation and the sound of bees and dragonflies and this massive field of sunflowers surrounding us.

Photos and video of me below by Erika Pino

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Here is a fun behind the scenes for you from this adventure. I got stuck in the mud upon arrival to this sunflower field. As you can see, I was knee deep in mud and one of my sandals slipped off my feet in the mud and I had to go digging for it. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Erika offered to help me but I told her she needs to take pictures of this. I was laughing hard when I saw the pictures. Then we had to drive around to find a hose to get myself clean. Hilarious.

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