Kinjo. San Francisco. California. 4.28.2017.

A lot of you ask me to incorporate a map into my blog so you can see on the map where all I have been to. Well, they just added that function so I have just started doing that to all my posts. It only lets me list one location per post however, so this is not going to work so great for posts with multiple locations like I have been doing lately...

I had a friend in town I have not seen in years who wanted sushi, so we tested out Kinjo. They have 2 omakase options: 6 courses for $85 and 9 courses for $120. Chef Takatoshi Toshi (ex Sushi Ran) serves Edomae style sushi at Kinjo, and most of the fish is from Japan. So this may not be the standard sushi that you are used to. For this price, I find the fish extremely fresh and a great dining experience overall. It is, however, extremely loud in this dining room.

2206 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94109

Starter: kusshi kaki (kusshi oyster w/caviar, British Columbia) kasugodai (bamboo leaf cured wild young snapper, Mie)
Seasonal: spring mass (cherry leaf cured sustainable trout, Susanville), kohada (wild gizzard shad, Saga), aye (sweet fish, Aichi), takenoko (braised bamboo shoot, Kyoto)
Soup: kaisen (assorted seafood in bonito broth, West Coast)
Cold Smoked:ji kinmedai (lightly cherrywood smoked wild golden eye snapper, Chiba), samara (lightly cherrywood smoked wild Spanish mackerel, Fukui), duke sake (white soy cured king salmon, New Zealand)
Shellfish: ikibotanebi (live wild spot prawn, Half Moon Bay)
Tempura: aniname (wild greenling, Iwate)
Maguro:akami (wild bluefin tuna, Wakayama), zulke kami (red wine cured wild bluefin tuna, Wakayama)
Temaki: unagi (fresh water eel, Aichi)
Sweet: strawberry sorbet (amaze panda cotta & candied sesame), gyoku (organic egg custard with fresh white shrimp, Hawaii)

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