COCHON555. Four Seasons. San Francisco. California. 4.14.2013.

There were 5 chefs and five full pigs that were cooked nose to tail. And a LOT of bourbon...

Omri Aflalo - Bourbon Steak
Classic Caesar
Traditional Reuben
Pork Trotter Pie
Pork Chili-Mac
Chocolate-Bacon Malt Shake*

Mark Richardson - Four Seasons
Pork Rillette - sourdough, pickled tongue vinaigrette
Pork-N-Beans - "red-eye" gravy
Crisp Knuckle Sandwich - brainoli, espelette*
Pan Roasted Loin - cucumber kimchi
"Offal" Boudin - spleen gremoulata, smoked saltine
Pickled Pig Skin - seaweed salad

Adam Sobel - RN74
Fat Elvis
Pork Meatballs
Ma Po Tofu*
other stuff I did not eat as I was too full

Scott Youkilis - Hi Lo BBQ
Steamed Bun - rhubarb-hoison ham, fermented leeks
Hog & Rocks - pork rillette, oyster chip, onion blossom, sorrel
Spottle & Grits - cotechino de spottle, tierra farm grits, shrimp jus
Big Piggy Sandwich - pork liver mousse, spicy mortadella, porchetta, pickles, mustard greens, muffaletta roll
Bacon Bourbon Palmiers - orange whipped lardo, absinthe strawberries

Christopher Thompson - A16
n'duja crostini with sea salt and pickled radish
coppa di testa terrina with meyer lemon, parsley and peppercress
mortadella with green olives and scamorza affumicato
crispy shredded pork shoulder with mustard, favas, purple asparagus and potato
roasted porchetta with peas and carrots
pecorino and pistachio polpette en brodo
lavender-lard shortbread cookies*
pork marshmallows with coconut
chocolate blood pudding

Kent Schoberle - 4505 Meats

* = Amy's favorites. I did not taste everything.

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